How well do you know your wines? Do you consider yourself a wine snob of sorts? Get ready then! We are going to put your love for wines to test. #RiddleMeWine will test your knowledge about both Big Banyan wines and wine making in general.

  1. Big Banyan wines are made from the plumpest, just-ripe grapes. Do you know where these come from?

A. California

B. Shimla

C. Nashik valley

2. At what temperature should you serve a white wine?

A. About 10-12ºC

B. 25-30ºC

C. Room temperature

3. What grape is Rosa Rossa, our rosé wine, made of?

A. Muscat

B. Zinfandel

C. Riesling

4. What is alternate name for Shiraz?

A. Syrup

B. Syrah

C. Syro

5. Where are Big Banyan wines made?

A. Andaman

B. Timbuktu

C. Goa

Got that? Check your answers now.

1 – C

We source our grapes from vineyards in Nashik and Ramnagar.

2 – A

The ideal temperature for serving white wines is 10-12ºC. So chill the wine just before your guests arrive.

3 – B

Rosa Rossa is made from Zinfandel grapes, plucked from vineyards located in cooler climes.

4 – B

Shiraz is also known as Syrah. It is a dark skinned grape variety grown throughout the world, and is used to make red wine.

5 – C

Big Banyan wines are made at our winery in Goa under the care of our chief vintner, Lucio Matricardi. He brings in years of expertise and personal lore to every bottle we craft. And guides us in blending traditional vintner’s secrets with new age ingenuity.



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