Strawberry Mimosas

Gayatri, also known as The Desserted Girl, is a copywriter by profession and food blogger by passion. In her blog, she shares two ways of making the perfect Valentine’s Day drink – Strawberry Mimosa.

If you do insist on consuming food and drink that’s pink/red/maroon/crimson, or anywhere in that colour spectrum this Valentine’s Day, promise me there will be these blushing mimosas somewhere on the menu.

I just said ‘blushing mimosas’. Apparently no amount of “I’m above gooeyness” holds true when February 14 finally rolls around.


Seriously though, these are about the prettiest things I’ve ever seen. What made me wait to make mimosas I’ll never know, because the only thing that’s quicker than making them, is drinking them. You have been warned.


Light, fruity, citrusy, fabulous. I worked with Big Banyan Wines to make these beauties and while I don’t speak wine and the word ‘yummy’ is probably not acceptable, and I cannot confidently talk about the subtle notes of autumn berries or oaky fragrances, I can say, this is some darn good wine. And that’s all that really matters.



I used Big Banyan’s Sauvignon Blanc and since strawberries are in season and oranges are always around, a pink-hued mimosa seemed like the most incredible idea. But strawberries are versatile and work just as well in slices as they do in a puree. I’ve come across both versions online, so, when you can have two kinds of mimosas, why stop at one?

If I had to pick a favourite, I’d say the version with pureed strawberries took the cake. Just the right amount of sweet, and that oh-so-pretty colour. Clearly, mimosas are the daintiest cocktail in the crowd. I can sort of picture them with a French manicure.


Fresh orange juice, fresh basil leaves, sweet, sweet strawberries. And wine. Chilled wine.

I don’t think you need any further convincing. If you do, I’ll just say a Sunday afternoon without mimosas is, well, Monday.

The proportions given here make four mimosas and they are endlessly customisable. Add more or less orange juice, more or less strawberries and while more basil might get too leafy, definitely don’t leave it out. Adding more wine is always encouraged 😀 

What you’ll need:

1 bottle chilled Big Banyan Sauvignon Blanc

1/2 cup freshly squeezed orange juice, strained (use chilled oranges)

4 to 5 strawberries, stems removed and sliced (use chilled strawberries)

4 to 5 strawberries, pureed and strained (use chilled strawberries)

A handful of fresh basil leaves

Chilled soda for some fizz and fun

What to do:

1. Version one: Pour wine into each glass, about halfway full. Add the orange juice till about 3/4ths full and top with soda, filling the glass. Garnish with sliced strawberries and basil. Serve immediately.

2. Version two: Pour wine into each glass, about halfway full. Add the orange juice till about 3/4ths full and then add about 1 tablespoon strawberry puree. Add more puree for a brighter, sweeter pink. Stir, then top with soda and fresh basil. Serve immediately.

Happy Valentine’s 😀


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