Which wine are you?

You could be a genius. A member of the Mensa club. You have the answer to everything. But there is one question you dread above all else. It is a sommelier’s simple, ‘What wine shall I bring?’ It leaves your brain in a muddly jumble. You get all tongue-tied. Just saying red or white might make you seem gauche. To get you out of these situations, we’ve devised a quiz. . It can help you determine which wine you are. And you can go forth, without hesitation, and place your order.

Warning: This quiz is utterly unscientific and totally fun.

Grab a pen and a paper and make note of your answers.

1. If you’re traveling what would you take along?

My matching Louis Vuitton travel set.
My passport and a simple backpack.
Oh, a light bag that can fit everything in.
My laptop.
My stilettoes – you never know when you’ll need them!

2. What’s your dream job?

Job? That’s for lesser humans. I pursue my hobbies.
Anything where I get to be my own boss.
When I head a multimillion-dollar global enterprise.
A designer or a stylist – anything that gets me close to the limelight!

3. At a dinner party you are…

The dazzling host, of course.
A pleasure to hang out with, ‘coz I keep the conversation light and easy.
Behind the bar or on top of the bar, dancing away to glory!
The center of attention, as I reek power.
The best dressed one that everyone envies.

4. What’s your favourite outfit?

Anything designer.
A jeans and tee are my best friends.
The hippest skinny jeans and a leather jacket.
Bespoke anything.
A pair of heels and a pretty dress.

5. Your idea of an extreme sport…

Are you kidding me? I wouldn’t do something so undignified.
Sky diving.
An intensely competitive corporate takeover.
Not a chance! I’d break a nail.

Mostly As

You are a class apart. You are a Cabernet Sauvignon. Your magnetic charm compels people to give in to you. You have a taste for the finer things and love all things classic. You are simply timeless!

Mostly Bs

Fun and easy to be with, you are a Merlot. Anyone would be charmed and delighted to have you at the dinner table, keeping them company. You are ready for anything, and have absolutely no hang-ups.

Mostly Cs

You are the life of any party. You are classic, elegant and super chic. Your unique style makes you popular, and yet allows you to maintain a little aura of mystery. You are most definitely a Chardonnay.

Mostly Ds

You are the Alpha Male/Female. You command attention and radiate a charm that bewitches anyone. You have an unmistakable aura of someone who knows how to live life, and live it well. You, my dear friend, are a Shiraz.

Mostly Es

We love how you don’t shy away from being a girly girl. Right to the pinky tippy toes, you are a dainty little thing. You love glamour, fashion, sophistication, a good romance and the whole shebang. Pick a Rosa Rossa to go with your personality.

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