Our Wines

Big Banyan Premium Wines

Our collection of wines is as vivid and exuberant as your emotions. You can take your pick from three elegant Whites, a seductive Rosé, three robust Reds, a delicious Dessert Wine or a Reserve-Limited Spring 2010 Shiraz.

Tasting room

Wine tasting 101

If you’d rather toss your drink back in one glug, may we say wine’s not for you? You need to romance it, enjoy every minute of it. ‘Live in the moment’, as they say. That’s why we’ve created this crash course on how to drink, nay, relish your wine.


First, hold your glass up and see how the wine reflects light. Then, place it on the tasting mat, and tilt it gently (caution: the glass shouldn’t be full). Check the colour along the edges. The lighter the colour the younger the wine. Deeper shades indicate age.


Swirl your wine around gently and get your nose down to the glass. Catch a whiff of the flavours. And swirl it again. Sniff out all the delicious secrets your wine’s keeping from you.


Finally, drink up! Take a little sip. Swishing it around your palette, tease the flavours out. Swallow it and feel the aftertaste or the ‘finish’.


Forget the wine lexicon. Find your own words to describe your experience. Was your drink leathery, buttery, fruity, or simply heavenly?


Wine + Cocktails = Vinotails

That’s all your favourite drinks wrapped up in one awesome mix! Try out these delicious concoctions we’ve put together for you. Wow your guests! Or drink it all yourself.

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