Late harvest Muscat dessert wine

Decadent and indulgent, Bellissima lives up to its name! To bring alive its dramatic flavours, clusters of Muscat grape are harvested late and sun-soaked to naturally concentrate sugars and aroma. Its sweet and intense flavours are the perfect end to a meal.

Look at the colour

The Bellissima is a brilliant shade of yellow with hues of amber and hints of light green. It feels like liquid sunshine.

Take a whiff

Its fragrance reminds you of an orchard of apricots and pears in full bloom. A deeper whiff reveals the sweet scent of flowers, dried walnuts and raisins.

Go on and taste it

When you take that first sip, it feels sweet and velvety soft. And its finish is smooth, with the slightest mineral tinge.

Pair it well

Sink into a luscious slice of fresh cream cake. Or sin some more with a crème de chocolat. To take the edge off, you could try medium-seasoned cheeses.

Serving temperature

Serve it chilled at 4-6ºC. Available in 375 ml bottles.