Red wine

Merlot is a friendly wine. It is a fun, quintessential red for every noeuveu connoisseur. Its plummy smooth finish is further heightened when made from the ripe berry grown in the warmer climes of India. Merlot is easy on your palette and your mood. So open a bottle and go with the flow.

Look at the colour

The vivacious personality of our Merlot has a luminous red sheen. And when held to the light it appears to be an intense violet.

Take a whiff

When you swirl it around, the warmth of the aroma embraces you. The scent of dark cherries, plums and blackberries, laced with a hint of cocoa, a dash of black pepper and notes of minerals rises up to greet your senses.

Go on and taste it

The soft, velvety tannins of the wine make it dry and medium bodied. Giving you an experience of wholesome sensations.

Have it with something

A perfect drink for an evening in or an evening out, it pairs well with pretty much anything. Except for fish and leafy green vegetables. Try it with grilled meat and vegetables, game or pasta. If you wish to have it with Indian food, go easy on the spices. You wouldn’t want to overwhelm its subtle flavours.

Serving temperature

Serve it chilled at 16-18ºC. Available in 750 and 375 ml bottles.