Some emotions just can’t be bottled

Oh, just open up! There’s no better time than now to bring out that bottle of good wine. And all the emotions waiting to gush out. We live by this philosophy. And urge you too to take a sip and give in to the heady sensations of life. Read more.

Take a sip of sunshine

Crafted in our wineries near Goa, our collection imbibes every bit of the joyous, uninhibited spirit of the land. Our selection includes reds, whites, a rosé, a dessert wine and a limited edition Shiraz. So whether you are a connoisseur or a nouveau wine drinker you’ll find your fix. Read more.

Come find us

If you’ve got an occasion, we’ve got the wine for you. Big Banyan is available at all leading liquor stores, premium restaurants and lounges.
You can find the store closest to you, here.