Our Story

The company

Welcome to the world of Big Banyan

Big Banyan is all about the moment. The moment the grape is harvested, the moment it is skillfully transformed into a wine. But more importantly, the moment it is un-bottled and celebrated.
To create this experience, we are meticulous about our process. We handpick our grapes from the fabled vineyards of Nasik valley and Ramnagar. They are then taken to our winery in Goa, where our chief Vintner from Italy, Lucio Matricardi, works his magic. He brings in years of expertise and personal lore to every bottle we craft. And guides us in blending traditional vintner’s secrets with new age ingenuity. The delicate flavours, thus created, take you to bright, happy places, un-bottling tucked away emotions.
Big Banyan is a part of the John Distilleries group, and carries forth the company’s legacy of creating defining liquor brands. It is our endeavour to craft wines that can be appreciated by people of all ages and tastes.

The winemaker

Meet Lucio Matricardi from Italy

He hails from a land known for its wines. And it was only inevitable that he fall in love with them. The traditional wines of Italy charmed a young Lucio and inspired him to explore the world of wines. He began his journey at the prestigious University of Bologna where he studied Agricultural Science and Wine Science. Not stopping at that, he went to acquire a Ph.D. in Wine Biotechnology at the University of California.

With time, his craft matured. He perfected the complexities of R&D, the alchemy of white and red and the vinification of still wines. He continues to romance wines in his capacity as a consultant to big vineyards, as our Master Winemaker, and a passionate connoisseur.

Celebrate every moment

We've put all our passion into making our wines. So you can just open a bottle, and let those emotions flow! Savour every sip, and every moment.

Raise a toast

Our wines have not just won people's hearts. They've also won much appreciation and many a prestigious award.

Big Banyan Rosa Rossa Big Banyan Cabernet Sauvignon Asian Wine Review Awards 2017

Big Banyan Sauvignon Blanc 2015 Big Banyan Cabernet Sauvignon 2015 Big Banyan Shiraz 2015 Gold at the 5th Edition of All Things Nice Consumer Choice Awards 2017

Big Banyan Bellissima Gold at All Things Nice Consumer Choice Awards 2016

Big Banyan Merlot and Big Banyan Cabernet Sauvignon Silver All Things Nice Consumer Choice Awards 2016

Big Banyan Bellissima Bronze medal winner at the 2009 Sommelier India Wine Competition

Big Banyan Shiraz No. 1 Red Wine in the Indian market Business Today, Dec ’07

Big Banyan Sauvignon No. 2 White Wine in the Indian market Business Today, Dec ’07

Big Banyan Sauvignon, Chenin Blanc and Shiraz ‘Seal Of Approval’ at the Indian Wine Challenge 2008

Big Banyan Chenin Blanc 2015 Bronze at the 5th Edition of All Things Nice Consumer Choice Awards 2017

 Big Banyan Sauvignon Blanc Bronze at All Things Nice Consumer Choice Awards 2016

 Big Banyan Cabernet Selected for Dec ‘08 Wine Society of India Annual Pack

Big Banyan Chenin ‘Wine of the month’, by Spars Bangalore, Apr ’09

Big Banyan Zinfandel ‘Wine of the month’, by Spars Bangalore, May ’09

Big Banyan Zinfandel ‘Wine of the month’, by Food Lovers Magazine, May ’09

Making Headlines

It’s not just our wines that make headlines. Our Chairman, Mr. Paul John, has recently been featured by The New Indian Express. The article covers his journey as a successful entrepreneur offering the best of luxury hospitality, a delectable selection of wines and legendary Single Malt Whiskies.  
In the 4th edition of the Indian Wine Consumer's Choice Awards 2016 (IWCCA), Big Banyan Premium Wines won not just the hearts of the consumers but also many accolades. A range of domestically produced wines were presented to the consumers. Based on an unbiased, blind tasting the consumers had to vote for their favourites. All Things Nice organises these awards in an endeavour to promote the culture of wine in India.   <