White wine

You just can’t go wrong with this classic wine. It walks the fine line between elegance and casual chic with great panache. Over the years, this wine has evolved from being utterly snobbish to extremely popular. We believe that no girl’s night is ever complete without a Chardonnay!

Look at the colour

This delicate straw-gold coloured wine has little specks of green dancing about.

Take a whiff

Give it a gentle swirl and let the intense tropical aromas of pears and pineapples engulf you. Take a deeper whiff and get swept off your feet again. The hints of crème brûlée and hazelnut will leave you craving for more.

Go on and taste it

With your first sip, you’ll notice that our Chardonnay is all about fine balance. Of crisp fruitiness and crunchy butterscotch sweetness. Of minerality and acidity. Of fun and elegance.

Have it with something

You’d be surprised by its versatility! You can pair it with a cheese made of cow’s milk or a goat cheese. Or whip up a salad of asparagus, zucchini, sun chokes, mushrooms and almonds. If you wish to have it with your meal, cook yourself an herb crusted halibut, trout, or poultry.

Serving temperature

Serve it chilled at 10-12ºC. Available in 750 and 375 ml bottles.