Chenin Blanc

White wine

The Chenin Blanc is full of life! It is zesty, easy-going, and pairs well with anyone, anything and any mood. The elegant aroma has a hint of spice and a tinge of the irresistible. Its dry flavours leave your palate refreshed. Pull out a bottle if you’re having a barbeque party and spread the cheer.

Look at the colour

Golden hued, like whiskers of straw, our Chenin Blanc reveals its secret side when held to light. You can catch tiny specks of green hidden away in there.

Take a whiff

A gentle swirl brings alive the delicate fruity aroma of yellow apple, white lemon and peach, tossed up with light, spicy notes of thyme and coriander.

Go on and taste it

Take a small sip and feel the dry, fresh and fruity flavours come together in well-balanced harmony. The sweetness of the wine is set off by the spunk of acidity. Making the experience indulgent!

Have it with something

Pair it with appetizers made of puff pastry, or nibbles like olives and mushrooms. Or have it with a bite of Brie, Gruyere, Cheddar, or herb-crusted goat cheese too. If you’re in the mood for something Indian, pair the wine with spicy fish or any poultry dish.

Serving temperature

Serve it chilled at 10-12ºC. Available in 750 and 375 ml bottles.