Red wine

Because of its strong character Shiraz is considered the ‘man’ among wines. Its distinct, robust personality is unmistakable, making it a powerful wine among of the ‘big reds’. Its aromas burst alive in warmer temperatures, like Australia and India. So open a bottle and explore the deepest, darkest recesses of our wine’s soul.

Look at the colour

Raise your glass to the light and you can see the depth of colours. The fullness of the ruby red is profound, with little specks of violet.

Take a whiff

Bring it closer to smell the aromas. You will be overwhelmed by the crush of berries and play of spices.

Go on and taste it

The heady aromas have powerful flavours to back. The Shiraz packs a punch with its fruity, velvety tannins, and leaves your palate dry.

Have it with something

As an aperitif, a glass of Shiraz calls for a platter of medium aged cheeses. You can also savour it with an entrée of lamb, venison, or other lightly spiced meat preparations.

Serving temperature

Serve it chilled at 16-18ºC. Available in 750 and 375 ml bottles.